Many nations (people groups) make up India's 900,000,000 people. Some 3,000 people groups in India speak at least 1,652 languages. Beyond the complexity of language exists different religions, varied cultures and a society divided by caste-together creating a grid of barriers to the spread of the Gospel.

Undertaking the religion of India's 900 million people is not easy. Regionalism and religious fundamentalism are on the increase. On the other hand, India has a sleeping giant of 36 million Christians. Pray for a revival among them and for a frontier mission vision.


Hindus 65.0%*********************************
Muslims 15.0%********
Indigenous 12.0%******
Christians 4.0%**
Sikhs 2.0%*
Buddhist 0.7%*
Other 1.3%*

The Indian church is thriving in some people groups but may not spread beyond that group. Why? Because of barriers such as language, culture, and caste. Furthermore, most Christians lack the vision to reach beyond their own group.

Cross-cultural mission work is required to penetrate each people group and start a church that can then make the Gospel available to the whole group.


Most people groups in India have not had a chance to hear and do not have access to the Gospel. The purpose of missionaries is to go where the church is not present rather than expand the church where it already exists. Some so-called mission work in India is really evangelism and is growing the church in an already reached people group. This is good, but it does not directly affect unreached groups.


The world's highest concentration of Christians is found in some areas of India, and yet India also has vast areas of more unreached groups-people with no access to the Gospel-than any other country. One such area is the Punjab-home of the Sikhs. Punjab was closed to foreigners until recently due to unrest arising from the efforts of some to have Punjab recognized as an independent homeland. Today there is much opportunity for Christian outreach.


It is not enough for the church to grow within a people group. There must also be obedience to the Great Commission. In the past, progress toward world evangelization has been slowed because many missionaries failed to establish mission-minded churches. What happens when mission fields become mission-sending churches? A terrific example can be seen in the Mizo peoples of India. Missionaries took the Gospel to them 100 years ago, and now this group is sending over 1,700 missionaries of its own. The best way to reach the peoples of India is to mobilize the existing Christian groups to be like the Mizos.